Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Outhouses, Backhouses and Privies

Growing up on a farm in the 1960's was still an outhouse experience.

The simple privy, now resigned to cottage country, was an essential part of growing up in a rural environment and there were many Halloween pranks played at the expense of this facility.

Our outhouse at home was attached to the attached garage (read storage area)with access from the summer kitchen. One fall my dad and I got the brilliant notion that if we cut a door through the back wall of the garage (there was space in the outhouse for this manouver), we would have rainy day and wintertime access to the facility without venturing outdoors. It worked and and for years saved cistern and well water in the indoor bathroom.

I guess that the demise of the common outhouse was the precursor of the demise of the Eaton's catalogue...'nuff said.

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