Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Families Living and Loving Green Alternative Life Styles

from TreeHugger.com
by Bonnie Alter, London

With all the best intentions, most of us don't have the nerve to really change our life style dramatically. We do as much as we can within the limitations of our busy lives, but haven't the true grit to go that extra mile. Here are 3 inspirational stories of young families that are taking things to the limit and loving it.

The first tale is about a family of 4 that decided to see if they could survive for a year without shopping at supermarkets. They grew their own vegetables in their back yard and bartered the extra food for essentials. Living in a smallish city, they were able to rent an acre of land to plant crops as well as keep animals.

They bought a share in a pig and a cow at local farms to add to the chickens that they were keeping. Then they were offered a few more acres and they bought a flock of sheep. They plan to invest in a small herd of Aberdeen Angus soon. They do a lot of swapping, for example eggs for homemade jams. The family says that they have no intention of returning to the supermarket. As well as enjoying the ethical and tasty benefits, they are saving £110 ( US$ 177) a week.
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