Thursday, July 22, 2010

Growing and Harvesting Tips

from the Old Farmer's Almanac

... As melons come in, place a board beneath them and the ground to keep them off the moist soil and to prevent insects from attacking.

... Beans have the best flavor if you harvest them in the morning.

... Are your tomatoes setting fruit? If it's over 90 degrees F, tomatoes don't do well; try shading them to reduce the heat.

... Keep plants moist but do not overwater (even in dry climates). Water slowly and deeply; let soil dry between watering. Wilted leaves in the morning is a sign of too little water.

... When you pull carrots, cut off the green tops; if left on, they will make the carrots limp.

For more harvesting tips, see our Ripeness Guide and our all-season Plant Guides for your common vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Succession Gardening

Planning a second (or third) vegetable crop once you're done harvesting? Our succession gardening chart shows you the last planting dates for your area. Get free chart.

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