Sunday, August 8, 2010

Goat Rentals For Weed Control: Perfect For Managing Steep Slopes, Woody Plants, & Air Quality

by John Laumer, Philadelphia

Last week I wrote about the zero-emission bow-knife for vegetable garden weed control. For certain tasks the bow-knife is superior to any gasoline powered weed-wacker. It's not very good for trimming on steep slopes and handling woody shrubs, however. For those situations, there are few better methods for weed control than goat grazing. However, few of us would want to be a full time goat herd and if you left them there they would over-graze. Enter the perfect solution: goat rentals.

Gwendolyn Bounds covers the goat rental option for the Wall Street Journal in Free-Range Landscaping: and Others Bring in Herds to Trim the Yard, Get Rid of Weeds. Goats, apparently, fit into the corporate office landscape as well as they would in the hills around century old mansions. Goats also are a safe alternative to power tools (can't rip a foot off or tip over on you like a mower); they're cost competitive; and, IRS has no jurisdiction. But there are drawbacks; and Gwendolyn has some amusing ones to share... more story at

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