Friday, March 30, 2012

Veterinarians want people to remember Buddy and his story

photo credit: S.E Photography/Via Flickr

MILTON, Ontario, March 29, 2012 /Canada NewsWire/ - The staff at Walden Animal Hospital are busy planning the creation of a memorial so that no one forgets Buddy or his story. Buddy had been brought in by a caring citizen who found him bleeding at the side of a rural road in St. Charles, Sudbury, ON last week. Upon examination, the hospital determined "Buddy" had been shot in the face with a shotgun and began work immediately to stabilize him and focus on wound repair and pellet removal. "If Buddy's owner had bothered to seek a more humane end to buddy's life, they would have learned that they could have handed Buddy over to the local Humane Society, adoption could have been a new beginning for Buddy… even if euthanasia was necessary, this is a what veterinarians are trained to do, painlessly and with compassion," commented Dr. Carolyn Lariviere. Buddy's recovery story spread through social media, and funds started coming into the clinic from all over North America, adding up to $11,000. Walden Animal Hospital has since set up a trust fund for the donations.

"We are looking forward to building Buddy's memorial this spring. The site will be a garden area featuring a Wishing Well focal point constructed by a local craftsman. Buddy really inspired us, and we wanted his memorial to be a happy, hopeful place. The Wishing Well seemed like a perfect way to honour his memory. We will make an announcement when it is completed," adds Dr. Lariviere.

The cost of the memorial is being donated by the Walden Animal Hospital, this is their special gift to Buddy. The funds donated to Buddy by the public are strictly for "Buddy's Trust" which is dedicated to the medical care of abused and abandoned pets. Buddy's story raised awareness regarding the current legislation concerning animal cruelty and inspired many people to get involved. In the words of Dr. Lariviere,
"The memorial however, is a place to remember Buddy himself, and the generosity of spirit shown by the community towards a dog most only knew through photographs."

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