Saturday, May 5, 2012

FortisBC Osprey nest camera launches for another season

KELOWNA, British Columbia, May 4, 2012 /Canada NewsWire/ - FortisBC's nest camera has begun streaming live video of a pair of Osprey that return every spring to their nest near Benvoulin Road.

FortisBC relocated this nest from a nearby utility pole in 2007 to protect the Osprey from risk of electrocution and the pair has continued to return to this nest each year.

"Our nest camera has proven to be extremely popular with our customers in recent years," said Tom Loski, vice president, customer service. "Again this year we are looking forward to the tens of thousands of views we receive from our customers interested in catching a glimpse of the Osprey and their offspring."

Typically, Osprey return to the same nesting site each year. Their usual routine is to build up their nest with new materials, lay their eggs and then hatch and raise new chicks each year. Osprey will typically nest between May and September and migrate south for the winter.

Watch live streaming video from fortisbc at

FortisBC's successful Osprey nest management program relocates nests from atop energized power poles to safer sites. This program helps protect birds from electrocution and improves electrical safety and reliability. Birds nesting on energized poles can damage the electrical equipment, causing power outages or fire when nest debris falls on power lines.

FortisBC follows the Ministry of Environment's permitting conditions and enlists the services of biologists to assist in the removal of the nests to alternative platforms on poles nearby. FortisBC's success with the program has seen more than 40 poles installed throughout B.C.'s southern interior.

For more information on the nest management program or to watch streaming live video of the Osprey, please visit

FortisBC is an integrated energy solutions provider focused on providing safe and reliable energy, including natural gas, electricity, propane and alternative energy solutions, at the lowest reasonable cost. FortisBC employs more than 2,300 British Columbians and serves approximately 1.1 million customers in more than 135 B.C. communities. FortisBC is indirectly wholly owned by Fortis Inc., the largest investor-owned distribution utility in Canada. FortisBC owns and operates four regulated hydroelectric generating plants, approximately 7,000 kilometres of transmission and distribution power lines and approximately 47,000 kilometres of natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines. FortisBC Inc., FortisBC Energy Inc., FortisBC Energy (Vancouver Island) Inc., and FortisBC Energy (Whistler) Inc. do business as FortisBC. Fortis Inc. shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and trade under the symbol FTS. Additional information can be accessed at or

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