Friday, May 10, 2013

University of Guelph Professor creates App to help control soybean aphids

A smart phone application that helps farmers decide quickly and easily whether to spray to control soybean aphids

GUELPH, Ontario - May 09, 2013 - University of Guelph - In the News - Environmental Sciences professor Rebecca Hallett is featured today on CBC’s online news page. A smart phone application she helped developed is part of a story on new technology helping the farming industry.

Farmers can use the app - Aphid Advisor - to decide whether or not to use insecticide to control aphids on soybeans, based on numbers of aphids and their natural enemies.

Hallett developed the app with Tracey Baute, a field crop entomologist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and a U of G graduate, and Christie Bahlai, a U of G grad student in environmental biology. It’s based on research conducted in the School of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Plant Agriculture.

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